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which are almost legit, though they often piggyback off of some IP the creator definitely fake rolex and real rolex does not own. Anyway, I just kind of want a physical copy of the games that I can't get in any legitimate way. If you're read this, you've probably already got a great way to play all these games- flash cards, by retrousb, or krikzz, your Super Nt, even emulation- it really doesn't matter, we've played them before there are no mysteries here. Something in my body simply craves these plastic rectangles, or something. So I'm not really gonna go much into how these games play because they play right- of course they do. You can see some Super Nt footage of them playing in the background if you don't believe me. Now, there are some that probably won't play fine - games to watch out for. For example, most repro makers, even those fancy Etsy ones, are usually too lazy to get Star Ocean right. That game is a pain, with translated speech bubble patches, English-language patches, and often uncompression patches.

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It took me the better part of a week to get it working on my Powerpak, but I digress. Let's look at the games I actually did buy from Aliexpress. I grabbed these four. All of which are games that were never released here. I went with Dragon Quest VI, Final Fantasy V, Terranigma, and Secret of Mana 2. As you can see, nothing says that they're repros on the label, though they do lack an ESRB rating, and i think at the time, at least most of these would have had one. They also use the same security bit as a regular Super Nintendo game, and the plastic is, more or less, indistinguishable from the original. Now that's a big win over Chinese repros from just 10 years ago. Flipping around back, we can compare one to a legit cart. As you can see, I label my repros as 'fake' in Sharpie. See, I plan on dying someday, and when my wife sells my collection, I don't want you weirdos getting pissy with her. Anyway there are actually a wide variety of back labels on Super Nintendo games. This was a fact that wasn't fully aware of until just today. While I'm sure they stole the verbiage from somewhere, I just couldn't find it in my collection.

Hey! Quiz time. What's the first thing you guys do when new games arrive? Play them? Read the manual? Well those answers are for nerds. I'm a Neo Geo fan, so the answer to that question is obviously-I open them up with a screwdriver, and take pictures for weirdos on the internet. But this shows off exactly why I've bought these games. See, the seller I got these from did something I've never seen a repro maker do. He showed a picture of the board right in the advertisement, and it was gloriously clean. When ordering from sites like Etsy, they're handmade. This is assuming the seller isn't some lame-ass marking the Chinese carts up. But "handmade" is code for sloppy solder, with wires and hot glue everywhere. Now, here's one I bought from Etsy- Tactics Ogre. Obviously, the collecard in me loved the plastic case, and this is just a great game. It's about these child soldiers getting dicked over. No matter what choices they make, war is not kind to them. It plays out like Final Fantasy Tactics, and is actually somewhat related to it, but it's a bit more gritty. Oh, for one moral dilemma from early in the game, do you slaughter a town full of mermaids, or disobey orders and fight it out with your own team who wants you to slaughter mermaids? That's a trick question, 'cause both answers lead to misery.

Try it today, you'll like it, I promise. I do kind of disagree with the fake 'kids to adult' rating on this perma-death cry-in, though. But whatever. Now, this particular Etsy repro is actually quite heavy, and that's the number one sign that some jankery is afoot inside. Opening it up, we can see why. So, a ROM chip has been removed from the donor, and a daughterboard has been stuck to the bottom, with a big ol' EPROM on it. This is actually much cleaner than I was expecting. I thought the weight was from about a million little wires doing exactly what the daughterboard is doing. But now what's this? Up in the corner. See these little batteries? These are what keep me up at night. They power SRAM, which saves our game progress. Eventually they'll die, and if we're unlucky, it'll take out the whole game board in the process. I have no idea if this battery is new. I really don't think it is, based entirely on it having the markings that legit Super Nintendo games tend to have on their batteries. These batteries have tabs welded to them, and those tabs are then soldered to the board, so changing them is a pain, and there are a lot of them. Coming over to a real game, we see the same battery problem. Also notice the complete lack of care taken when they cut the board out. It's like they couldn't see the future, where these things are worth twice as much as the whole system, Amirite? But this Chinese repro board has all the problems solved. They put a socket right on the board.

This means that 25 years later, my fat ass doesn't have to open each game up, desolder the battery, and put a socket on myself. Since I bill myself at about $40/hr, and if I get into the rhythm, I replica watch uk could theoretically do four so in that time, that means these $10 carts are free. ...Yeah. At least that's how I'm trying to justify spending $40 on fake versions of games I can already play. "But Reaperman, are you endorsing piracy?" Well, answer that question truthfully, yes. There's no way to buy these games for the original system, in a way that's gonna pay the rights owner. So I suggest buying superior fakes for $10 from China, where you know what you're getting, and not handmade jankery for $40 from some dude on Etsy.This watch has seen moments that last a second. And moments that last forever. It's seen the courts' most epic matches. The sport's most storied rivals. And the fierce determination of champions. Yet it's not until we look back that we understand that at those very moments, we were standing on the edge of tennis history. It doesn't just tell time. It tells history.later on michael giant hex dot com took an immense did it to you and saw platinum this is the newest album of the debt the detail forty one millimeter comes with this glacier blue dial was grown markers being that it's all part of this conserve the every randomly eighteen karat version trigger washington scale ways around two hundred eighty grams coming in the watch we're showing here is in like new condition still see it has with a ritual plastic on the watch curry tofu stryker pieces six two thousand five hundred just hours terraces will fluctuate interest comfortably that meeting any additional links crisp has to do newer style for a couple years now their class uh... present bracelet eerie night dear the new presence for the dates duty to use purple size protest bigger than me classics america cements modern presence in the rest but still beautiful dress watch every question seniors culture out the two three nine six four nine seven four four seven monday through friday ten a_m_ to five pm swiss eta watch replica eastern standard time or visit our website literally catching peace dot com that's for sureHey guys, this is Kevin from

Today I have for you the Omega De Ville Co-Axial. The model number for this watch is 433. but, of course, we'll have a link to that watch in the description below. So before we start, I'll be letting you know, we'll be doing an unboxing, a reviewing of the case, I'll top replica watches show you how to adjust the time and I will also be going over the strap, I'll let you know high grade replica watches malaysia where you can also find this watch for the lowest possible price. So when purchasing this watch, you'll find the watch located in this nice little red box here. Additionally, you'll find booklets of information with operating instructions here and a cardholder over here that will have the warranty card located here and a pictographs card, which will have just information about the watch. Okay, so let's move on to the watch itself. Moving on, the case size of this watch is 41 millimeters in diameter. The thickness of the watch is 12.5 millimeters thick, Best tag heuer Replica Watch as you can see there. It's very nice. This watch isn't actually too large but this is a bit larger than most dress watches. As I tilt the watch, you can see that the sapphire crystal is very nice and flat, along with the lugs being nice and curved. It would fit nicely against your wrist and fit under a cuff of a suit very nicely. On the sides, you have transparent sapphire glass, as you can see there, that they'll let you see the inner workings of the watch and the movement. On the back, it also has the transparent sapphire crystal as well. You can see the whole movement here. It's very nice and beautiful how they designed it. It also has all these little gems adorned onto the movement itself. There's about 39 of the gems inside the movement in total. Also the screws that they actually put in, they actually blackened it to make it a nice contrast within the silver here. So this is very, very nice overall.

Back to the face, the dial. We have the date located at the 3:00 position. The hands are all stainless steel, along with the index markers are all stainless steel. The bevel is very, very nice. It has a nice high polish on it, very shiny, very reflective. And the reason for that transparent sapphire, by the way, was because this watch is specifically built for that Co-Axial movement that Omega is very proud of. This one specifically houses the 8500 Co-Axial movement. And what that means is that the lubrication of the gears from the escapement is there's less friction in it, so that means, there's less friction in it, so that means when it goes over time, the lubrication takes less of a hit, so it lasts much, much longer and it will give longer service intervals, meaning you wouldn't have to go to your watchmaker as replica rolex blue face much to get those gears re-lubed up. So this watch is very durable, it's very nice. Let's go ahead and move on to crown mount, obviously located here, 3:00 position. It's just a push and pull crown, you don't need to unwind it or anything. One gentle tug will go ahead and let you adjust, ooh sorry. One tug, there we go. One gentle tug will let you adjust the hour hand. A nice feature about that is that, you know, you can move that hour hand bidirectionally and you'll be able to adjust the date as well as you go over a 24-hour cycle. But the hack movement, or the seconds hand, just continues to move on. Once you pull again, to move the minute hand, that finally stops the hack hand or the seconds hand, and that lets you get precise seconds timing. Okay, and then you can move the minute hand bidirectionally. Always make sure to press the crown against the case again to keep this watch water resistant up to 100 meters or 330 feet. Okay, so let's go ahead and move onto the strap now. The strap is very, very nice, very beautiful, black alligator leather strap. Let me show you a little cool here too. So what they did with the strap is, with the lugs being curved, they also curved the strap here too, by adding a little more leather here,

So Rolex was contracted by PAN AM. PAN AM airlines had pilots going back and forth between Paris and New York. The company wanted them to be able to replica watches replica see both their local time and New York time at one glance. PAN AM went to Rolex and said 'create a sporty, waterproof, shockproof watch with a second time zone added.' And then this watch hit the market with a Bakelite bezel: The famous 6542 is an extremely wanted and beautiful watch. We are actually holding a great example in our hands. But Bakelite is extremely shock sensitive. Speaking of toughness. Rolex didn't really do itself a big favor during the first four to five years. But Rolex keeps developing everything, all the time such as the non existing crown protection. Pretty soon they stopped producing it. Around 1960/1961, I believe, Rolex dumps Bakelite, this sensitive plastic and advances to the next model, the 1675. A visually similar watch. This one with a nice tropic dial.

From here on they come with an effective crown protection. The Bakelite has been replaced by a printed metal plate. Very appropriate. The watch had grown in diameter, too. Also, it was a little lower and not as sensitive as the Bakelite model which, however, had a fascinating glow from below. Even today, if you hold a Bakelite one under a lamp, you will notice a slight glow. Radium. A highly radioactive substance. Correct. You better not put it in your mouth. Of course, this got lost with the metal bezel. The legibility has improved. The digits are bigger, and they arrived at blue and red. Later, bezels became available in black, too. Blue and red or black and blue in order to tell day from night. It was nicknamed Pepsi, because it looked like a can of Pepsi. Pepsi, Coke, Root Beer, there are plenty of nicknames. Pussy Galore. These nicks prove how popular the GMT has become, especially during the last five to six years. Looking at the two early watches, early 60s, 1961 with a so called chapter dial and a 1675 from the late 70s. I still see a radium dial. It was dumped around '62 / '63, after the transition when Tritium was used, which was also radioactive, but weaker. The watches still look doctor who pocket watch replica alike very much. But the GMT hand is bigger, the crown protection wider and more solid. The lacquer dial has been replaced by a mat one. Many details, evolving from year to year, which is very typical for Rolex, one could say. If we hold the very first and the very last model side by side it is clear on first sight that the design has been maintained. The size has changed a little. Sixty years lie between these two. Surely it is part of Rolex's success that the watches are instantly identifiable both as Rolex and as GMTs. Maybe this is also because the ceramics used today gleams like Bakelite rather than printed metal. It doesn't glow, though.

The digits on the bezel are metallic. But it can still break. Just like Bakelite. We already had a broken bezel. Rather costly to replace. The old metal bezels used to be much tougher. Of course there were scratches and changes. We brought some bezels. That's nice. These altered colors are very trendy. Clients search between strong colors and totally faded shades. These bezels are rare and quite expensive. Exchangeable. Any concessionaire can switch bezel inlays in a moment. The watch looks very different, as soon as I put one on it. This is a so called ghost bezel. It looks quite cool. Like faded blue jeans with holes. A lot of people love it. Certainly one of the sexiest watches ever produced by Rolex. And with a bezel and a strap you can assemble a completely new watch. Unfortunately, one cannot order single bezels anymore. what is the best replica watch website It used to be easier in the past. It dramatically alters the looks.Hey, guys, this is Kevin from, and today I have for you a very, very unique-looking watch. This watch is a Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Openworked Black Skeleton. This model number for the watch is 15305ST.OO.1220ST01. So before we start, I'll be letting you know that we'll be doing an unboxing, reviewing the case, I'll show you how to adjust the time, along with looking over the bracelet an d clasp. And at the end I'll give you the ne Replica breitling Watches Swiss Movement cessary information to find this watch for the lowest price. Okay, so buying this watch brand-new, you'll be receiving the watch, of course, this beautiful thing, and this large watch box, as you can see here. And unfortunately, the rest of the main box is too big to fight in my light box here. So underneath this watch box, you'll be receiving an information guide of how to take care of your watch, and also the warranty or the certificate of guarantee for the watch. And that will be located underneath the watch box. And let's see here. And another cool thing, a little cool thing about that is that Audemars Piguet does different type of stickers for showing authenticity of a new watch. Audemars Piguet does clear stickers on the front of the case, as located down here, up here. Rolex actually does red stickers instead. Audemars Piguet notes theirs on the back with a blue sticker.

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