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It's a totally different design. It doesn't have the gravitational, triple-axis tourbillion. It's a little bit different. Still the whole system turns around in a counterclockwise movement, but in the background it's got the planets of our Solar System turning in a counterclockwise. So, there's a lot going on there. You got a replica watch shop rock in the middle that represents the Sun and then you got Earth rotating all the way around. I mean, are you guys listening to what I'm saying here? This is not your average description of what a watch should be. This are definitely crazy watches. I wanna also point out that every single one of the planets are not just...this isn't just enamel or resin put on there. These are actually richard mille replica watches natural, exotic, precious stones.

And overall, I just...once I saw these watches in persona and I looped the finish, I'm actually pretty impressed. And this is just something that I know, not just anyone will have access to, but take it from me. I am a tough critic. I've seen a lot of watches. I have an open mind to crazy watches in all, but you know when sometimes you see something and you hype it up so much and then when you see it, you're kind of disappointed. This was not the case with the Jacob & Co Astronomia line. Now, one of the things I wanna mention which is pretty remarkable is that the Astronomia is actually water resistant up to 30 meters. I mean, who would have seen that coming? I mean, honestly I didn't think that this watch was even a water resistant to 3 inches, but believably, it's actually water resistant to 30 meters and I think they did a really good job in executing that feature. I mean, not that you're gonna be taking this water diving, because I know how some of you guys get, b Replica Rolex Watches Swiss Movement ut it's just pretty impressive that it has all of that being such a crazy watch and such as an abstract design, yet it still managed to be water resistant.

Alright, so as far as the Watch Game goes, I mean do I really have to go there? I don't think so! This is pretty much you're bringing an F-22 Raptor to a knife fight with this right here. This just...we don't even have to go there. You're killing the game if you got one of these. Feel free to comment on my blog how you feel about the Astronomia line. And if you're in the market for a crazy line or something on this level, feel replica rolex europe free to contact me at . And if you liked this blog, please like and share. Also, japanese fake watches subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric. Watch Your Style.Welcome to the channel of “I Signori del Tempo” in this blog I will have the pleasure to show you a very special and interesting watch. Today we will talk about a Rolex Oyster Perpetual reference 1005 from 1968 which main peculiarity is the dial over the decades, due to a chemical phenomenon, has assumed a color that ranges between black, brown and dark red. There are those who call it a damage almost an aberration not us and not the world of vintage Rolex collecting On this dial which we call with a little 'abstract imagination,' 'Galaxy' time has given a beautiful patina and an unexpected flavor that make it highly appreciated by collectors all over the world. The model you are looking at is totally made of stainless steel, it also features a fascinating bazel in very good condition, a screw on crown and caseback and a folded bracelet dated second quarter of 1970. The dimensions are 34mm in width excluding the crown, about 40 mm in height and 19 mm of space between the lugs. The name Oyster Perpetual which identifies it derives from two main characteristics, a completely waterproof case high quality swiss movement replica watches called oyster, and an automatic movement called perpetual. The two features, Oyster and perpetual, perfectly combine and give life to one of the simplest classic models of all time,

in a nutshell the essential to the wrist to live every day. But now some historical mention. In 1926, Rolex created the first truly waterproof wristwatch which became famous all over the world after being worn by a very young Mercedes Gleitze during a 10 hours crossing of the english Channel entirely swimming. The watch came out totally unharmed, thus marking a turning point in the history of watchmaking. Later, in 1931, the very famous Swiss house introduced a further but equally fundamental innovation, the first self-winding watch with Perpetual rotor, the true and only progenitor of all modern automatics. But back to talk about this beautiful 1005. Built in 1968, it mounts a 19mm folded Oyster bracelet that comes to us in beautiful general conditions. And now some technical info The beating heart of this watch s the Rolex caliber 1570 made of 26 rubies, naturally self-winding. It works very well with excellent precision and has been serviced in our laboratory For you, like us, love that fascinating patina that only time can slowly create this Rolex have that added value that in fact makes it a real collector's jewel.

The very classic style, given by the unmistakable lines of the case makes it a watch almost timeless and always fashionable. A unique piece of history with a tireless mechanical heart that would accompany you and your family without problems for generations If interested in buying this or other watches you can find us in Milan, Viale Gorizia 7 or click on the link to our website that you find in the description You can find many more photos of our prestigious watches on our instagram page. For any information please contact us by email or telephone Greetings, see you soon! Audio and blog Editing by Marco Bracca Youtube Channel: Marco Bracca Wrist Addiction What's up family. It's your boy Nate, AKA Tabasko Sweet, and you're read Cheap Thrills.

Now, I gotta say, it's pretty tight that over 100,000 already know what it is. That's right, your boy broke 100K on Instagram. Yet somehow, still not verified. Twitter and IG still aren't ready to put some respect on your boy. [SOUND] Anyway, I've been reading the comments, and it sounds like you all are in serious need of some wrist ice. Your boy's gonna show you how to bless yourself with a fully iced out Rolex watch. Even the broke boy's model a Rolex. Paying stainless steel will run you $7500. And what's the point of even rocking one if you're gonna go basic? All the realest real ones know what time it is. Word on the street is my guy Quavo's watch collection is worth over $2 million. Sadly, your boy's just not breaded like that. So, what do you say, family? Shall we once again cop the ice without paying the price? So, here's what you're gonna need. A generic steel watch with a round face, silver rhinestones, some super glue, grey, silver and white paint and some thin brushes, and a stick with wax on the end of it. Now, everybody knows that telling time is the least important feature of a Rolex. It's all about that flex family. First, I'm gonna get back on my bread and barley [BLEEP], and start icing this thing out. So we're gonna start by slowly laying out some of our super glue around the rim of the watch face. Then lock and load with your rhinestones. Pro tip, put some wax on the end of the stick to pick up your rhinestones, this is a lot easier than borrowing you moms tweezers.

Shout out to Joker the Plug for hooking it up at the craft store. We're gonna be using medium sized rhinestones for the watch face. Very clean. Now, that we're done with the watch face, it's time to move on to our band. For this guy, you'll wanna start by placing your larger rhinestones all along the center of the band. One dot of glue for each rhinestone should do it. N audemars piguet replica watches swiss movementow, that we've got our big rhinestones placed, it's time to put in our smaller ones. Now the pattern gets a little complicated. So stick with me, family. Now we're gonna take our sm ap replica watchesall rhinestones, and place three of them on either side of the large rhinestone all along the band. Now to finish off the band, we versace mens watch replica're gonna put two rows of the small size rhinestone on either side of the band. Even with my new technique, this shit takes hella long. So precision and patience are key. You know your boy stays off that CBD. Now, we're gonna hit the side of the watch face with the smallest size rhinestones, two rows all along. Now to finish off the face watch replica online shopof the watch, we're gonna put too many rhinestones on all four corners. And then finally, fill in the negative space with the smallest rhinestones.

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in the Schumacher blog...these are kind of watches that I've always own in special editions, but have been a little bit overlooked, just because I've noticed in the past three years that they're shooting up in price. Now, for hello replica watches those of you who do not know, Rubens Barinchello is a Formular One driver. He's originally from Brazil, so he's obviously a Brazilian racecar driver. He's had a spectacular career in Formula 1and then after that, moved on to Indy cars. That being said, this particular model is rose gold with titanium and a ceramic bezel..and it was kind of that watch, right after they came out with the AP Montoya, that kind of stepped out and did a little bit more of a bolder move. It's got these bolder areas here for...they're almost like the chrono button guards or the crown guards where chrono buttons are. A little bit more of a bolder move. It was almost like that watch that started to set up the case model for the new 44mm Offshores. That's just my opinion, but I noticed when these first came out, it was kind of like that abrasive first step towards getting to the new 44 millimeters that we have today. Now, the watch is very basic, other than that it just a special edition and it's got a special layout. The prices are through the roof. These are collector watches and with watches like the AP Montoya, the Schumacher or the Barrichello, the boxes make a big difference. The prices will change, so make sure that you factor that into your price of the watch that you're looking at. Out of the three versions, my particular favorite Best breitling Replica Watch one is number two. This one being number 3, which isn't bad. It's not bad. It's good looking. I just kind doctor who fob watch replica metal of like how the version two is a little bit more simple. This one with the red and all that. It's not bad. I like it. It's a special piece and I appreciate it to the fullest, but it's just my taste.

I kind of go more for the...I kind of go better for the Ruben Barrichello II. That's just my opinion. Also, now that I'm talking to you about this...if I had to grade all three of the race car inspired models, this should be my grade: In first place, I would take the Schumacher, second place, the Montoya, and no disrespect to anybody, third place would be this one. Nothing wrong with it. I love it. I think it's amazing. They're going in Ebay and in several places for around $80,000. That's pretty much what you can expect to pay man. If you're looking to buy an AP Ruben Barrichello, that's pretty much what you're gonna have to spend. You're going to be in the $80's to low $70 range. I know that that's a big difference in price, but all that has to do with condition, box, papers, all of that, so...they're collector pieces. This particular model that we have here, the version three, it's limited to 257 pieces. It's not an easy piece to get and it's a very collectible item, so a lot of people have bought them, they put them away, and they're just there for safekeeping for maybe perhaps the future. As far as the Watch Game goes, anyone of the three race-inspired AP's are serious heavy hitters. Those are not the normal, go-to-the-boutique, new AP fan watch. This is for the serious collector.

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